American Musical

Theatre Dance COMpany                                  


Honoring the Works of Master Choreographers and Legendary Performers of the past

Celebrating the Choreographers and Artists of today

And giving opportunity and exposure to the Choreographers and Stars of tomorrow

Works presented by the Company will encompass Theatrical show stopping numbers from Broadway to brand new numbers in tribute of such great icons that have left an indelible mark on our history and culture.  From a simple song and dance man to a voice that touched our spirits and souls forever, from a little girl with golden locks to the Queen of soul.  We will make you remember their artistry and take you back, while always keeping an eye on the future and what lies ahead!

Dance has always first been meant to Entertain, but it is also apart of our culture and our heritage, we are the story tellers and we have been charged to pass it on!

We share it with you, with all that we are!


Presenting the Greatest Dances

of the

American Musical


Stage to Silver Screen

and beyond...

Diane Laurenson

Bob Richard

Dannul Dailey

    Tinka Gutrick

Artistic Directors

Advisory Board

Chet Walker

Noah Racey

Germain Goodson

Dan Mojica

Andrew Palermo

- Johnny Mercer                                                          Image By: Anne-Allegra Bennett

Musical  Supervisor

    David Krane